xilitla exchange

Xilitla Las Pozas

Xilitla Teaching

Herbert Read elaborated a socio-cultural dimension of creative education, offering the notion of greater international understanding and cohesiveness rooted in principles of developing the fully-balanced personality through art education. Child art was the driving force of this philosophy: the heroic task of education was to prevent the young child from losing access to whatever ancient, ingrained, cultural wisdom he or she was able to manifest in symbolisation.

Zaira Teresa Linan Zorrilla is the Director of Edward James’ sculpture garden in Las Pozas. “Xilitla is the place where Edward James let his imagination run free and made a dream come true. I feel delighted to be part of this magical world and I wish that lots of people have the opportunity some day to come and visit Xilitla”

Students and artists from West Dean and Xilitla have participated in an exchange programme designed to celebrate Edward’s surreal legacy.

Xilitla Treehouse

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