mumbai exchange

A solar eclipse took place on 11th of Aug 1999 and its trajectory connected the land mass of Cornwall with that of Western India. The whole phenomenon then faded into a ‘double-sunset’ over the Bay of Bengal.

The Colours of India Project was conceived as a shared initiative between UK and India by Bob Pulley, Dean of Art and Design at Falmouth College of Arts and Dr. Ajanta Sen, researcher and analyst of development issues in technology and design and Prof. Ravi Poovaiah, Dean of the the Industrial Design Centre (IDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

This initiative began with the aim of creating a “daisy chain” of communities along the line of the eclipse’s trajectory. The intention was to see if we could form a digital platform to enable synchronous (online) and asynchronous (offline) cross-cultural collaboration through sharing ideas related to sustainable development and enterprise. In the process “new art, new audiences and new experiences” were created through work centred around a set of art and design projects.

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